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So. Dreamwidth. I like it already. It smells clean in here.

Baw. I never kept up on my LJ, so I don't know quite yet what I'll be doing here, but I'm keeping in mind: this is the one place *gasp* my family is not! I'm going to say 'fuck' copious amounts of time and spew all over asian mens in here. yes.

Well I'm too tired to be bothered with prettying it up, not that I really know how >_< so as not to waste this precious space, I want to post the letter Kyo of Dir en grey had written to Daisuke of Kagerou & The Studs (may he rest in peace). I had no idea the two were so close, and this had me to tears :(

(copy/pasta'd from http://edohsama.blogspot.com/)

"You're a selfish person...
I think this is the first time I've wanted to hit you with all my might.
Even when you were guilty of doing something, I thought, "It's Daisuke so it can’t be helped," and I laughed it off and forgave you...

What happened to you?
You should have called me at the last moment, idiot.

Surely, there were a lot of hardships... sorry.
I’m sorry.

A day ago we were talking through email about your band.
You told me that you were about to make a good album.
Hurry up and let me listen to it.
You were always a clumsy and risky person... I was worried.

I don’t feel any emptiness or actual sensation. Even now, I imagine you saying, “Are you surprised? Sorry.” And it feels like you’ll just pop up and... I can’t help but feel that way.
At this point I’d forgive you, so please appear... Daisuke.

As expected, living is very hard.
From now on, I will think of things that I can do for you.

Depend as much as you want on the person you loved
and wanted to meet the most.

Please sleep soundly.

Let there be no more suffering...

Because I'm going to go meet you today"

He will be missed.

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